Master Programs & Professional Master Programs

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Master Programs

Analytical Chemistry

Applied Economics

Applied Mathematics

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Business Administration

Chemical Engineering and Technology

Chinese Language Literature

Clothing Design and Engineering

Computer Science and Technology

Control Science and Engineering


Digital Media Art Design and Theory


Education Technology

Electric Engineering

English Language Literature

Environmental Science and Engineering

Fermentation Engineering

Fine Arts

Food Science and Engineering


Management Science and Engineering

Marxism Theories

Materials Science and Engineering

Mechanical Engineering


Microelectronics and Solid-State Electronics

Music and Dance


Optical Engineering

Packaging Engineering



Public Health and Preventive Medicine

Pulp and Paper Engineering

Rural Development

Software Engineering

Sugar Engineering

Textile Chemistry and Dyeing and Finishing Engineering

Textile Engineering

Textile Material and Textile Design


Professional Master Programs

Architecture and Civil Engineering

Art Design

Biological Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Computer Technology

Control Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Electronic and Communication Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Food Engineering

Industrial Design Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Integrated Circuit Engineering

Light Industry Technology and Engineering

Logistics Engineering

Material Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Pharmaceutical Engineering

Software Engineering

Textile Engineering